“Look What I Did!” Contest Entry – Our Kitchen Windows

Kitchen Before and After Montage

We can never resist entering a contest (a few of you may remember our infamous Blair Witch/Home Depot video) so when we read that Houseblogs.net was sponsoring a sweepstakes in partnership with True Value we, of course, had to enter.

We’ve done so many DIY projects here at Bungalow Insanity, it’s hard to choose a favorite, but one which stands out among many is our kitchen remodel. Basically, we designed the entire kitchen around four $10 salvaged windows.

When we purchased our house way back in July of 2004, the kitchen was sporting a face-lift acquired in 1962. The cabinets, flooring and appliances were all fairly hideous, but what we hated most were the sliding aluminum windows. Totally inappropriate for an 1911 bungalow!

Old windows

So, when we found these windows at the ReBuilding Center for only $10 apiece, we were ecstatic.

New Windows Before

Of course, finding the windows was easy. Installing them was the hard part. First we had to re-frame both exterior walls.

exterior wall rear exterior wall sideexterior wall from interior

We then had to insulate, drywall, stain and install a whole kitchen’s worth of stuff before we were ready to hang our $40 set of windows:

InsultationDrywallmid remodelkitchen window trim

In retrospect, our “bargain” windows may not have been such a bargain in terms of time or money (considering all we needed to do to incorporate them into the kitchen), but we love them nonetheless. Unlike their sliding aluminum predecessors, they look as though they have always been here.

finished kitchen

Now if we could just get around to tiling our backsplashes, our kitchen would finally be complete!

finished kitchen 2

This post was written for Houseblogs.net as a part of a sweepstakes sponsored by True Value. If you would like to submit your own contest entry, visit click here or visit www.StartRightStartHere.com.

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