Garage paint progress

Over the last week we’ve been painting the garage doors. We actually beat the remodeler’s equation somewhat, as it’s only been two years since the new doors were installed. The doors and lower trim have been completed, and I bolted on a strip of 2x4s under the roof edge, so that we can install a gutter. Water dripping off the garage roof was the cause of the old doors’ rot, and while the new ones are metal, we still didn’t like the way the water would cause big mud splatters all over the doors and trim. Another exciting aspect of this is that the ledge of the upper roof is the only remaining trace of the old blue house color. Once that’s gone, it will all be so much more cohesive. And lastly, [spoiler alert], I’ve been busy this summer building the new railings for the upper front steps. Look for a post on those in the near future.

mostly there

How they looked before the paint…

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