Dining room (before pics)

This is how our dining room looked when we bought the house. The intact, unstained woodwork was one of the main factors that drew us to this house. We had looked at so many houses that had painted or, even worse, missing woodwork. We really fell in love with the look of the flat-grained fir wainscotting and box beams. We later replaced the fixture with a more appropriate (Craftsman) one, and we moved this one out onto the back patio.  We were not, however, very fond of the fact that all the windows had been removed from the room, cutting off any potential for airflow.

As purchased
Why no open?






One thought on “Dining room (before pics)

  1. Found this through the meier website. I just had to say what a wonderful house! I grew up in a craftsman bungalow, the woodwork was completely untouched, all oak, tall ceilings, bulit ins, a colinade (sp). The whole works.
    My husband and I recently bought a 1960’s one story ranch. BORING!!!! It has no charm, but my hubby, the practical one, was thinking of resale. It works, its nice, but good greif, its boring.
    Props to you on taking a chance on such a project.
    Also, a comment on the stairway that leads to nowhere. We had a half story, and there were stairs, it did lead somewhere, but nestled in the wall at the top of the stairs in between the panelling was a trap door, it had hidden hinges, and no handle. There was one Identical in the basement. I never did quite figure that one out, it was built in the early 1900’s, I think they just had a bunch of loons building houses in that era.


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