Old upstairs sink

As is sometimes found in old houses, we had a sink that was shared between two upstairs bedroom.  We removed it, because we planned to build a 1/2 bath, it was in an odd place and the pipes ran right through our downstairs hallway.

Taking it out was a messy job, because the drain pipe had rusted so badly that it had completely sealed itself at the bottom.  Julio had to drill a series of holes in pipe and try to catch the disgusting water (if it could still be classified as such) in a bucket.  That’s easier said than done when a liquid is shooting out in a high powered stream, so most of it ended up on him.  We still have the sink but haven’t decided what to do with it.  While we love the style, the separate hot/cold faucets are the worst feature of old sinks.



One thought on “Old upstairs sink

  1. I love those corner sinks – I’m going to install one as a space-saver in my third floor bathroom, probably.

    I agree with your statement as to the annoyance of the separate hot and cold. My problem, though, is that usually, the faucets simply don’t reach out far enough into the sink.


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