Wiring splice

Rather than run a few extra feet of wire, they had sealed up this splice in the wall. While it’s doubtful that it actually would’ve caused any problems, it’s not a good practice (nor does it meet code) to seal up a splice in a wall cavity.

Although this wasn’t as bad as the wire that was routed into the bathroom plaster (and skim coated over), it was one of many finds that led us to the decision to rewire the entire house. Since wiring is one of Julio’s strong suits, it was much more of a time issue than a money one. And in the early stages of the project, time seemed infinite. Months later, that sentiment would change..



One thought on “Wiring splice

  1. One never knows what they’ll find hidden in the walls of a house. It made me think that wouldn’t it be great if there was some kind of not-too-expensive x-ray service that could do a quick shoot of your walls….especially before you tear into them. Or maybe before you buy a hous…just in case.


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