Header removed


The back ceiling has been opened up, and the old, unnecessary header is now gone.




2 thoughts on “Header removed

  1. Nope, it didn’t support anything. I studied it for a LONG time before touching it, because it looked so serious that I was afraid the house would come down without it. But it ran in parallel to the ceiling joists, so it could effectively only add support to a single joist. And there was nothing above it – just a small closet space.

    After finding so many strange things in this house, we stopped questioning them. I don’t think we’ll ever know why that beam was so huge. The bonus for us is that we had free, overkill headers for our windows once it was sliced in half. Someday in the future someone else will open up the wall and ask “why did they use 12″ headers above the windows?” And they’ll never know, either.


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