Funky light fixture

While gutting the main room upstairs, we unearthed this very strange light fixture. It had 24 little bulbs arranged in a rectangle. It had been plastered over at some point, so we never knew that it was there. And, needless to say given our other experiences in the house, it was still connected to live wires. Before this point, we had already given up on the houses’ wiring and had made the decision to rewire the whole thing. While it took a lot of time, rewiring was one of the best decisions we made during this project.


If anyone has ever seen a fixture like this or knows anything about it, we’d be interested in hearing from you. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Funky light fixture

  1. My husband a I just bought a 1928 California Bungalow. In the basement were 3 frames similar to this, however the sockets faced inward. I thought they used them for framing the windows with Christmas lights.
    But who knows….


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