No new life for old growth

The plaster ceiling has been pulled down, but the wainscotting is still in place.


A few days later, we removed the wainscotting, which was made of beautiful, 3/4″ solid old-growth douglas fir.  We had dozens and dozens of pieces of this pristine wood, which we planned to hold onto until we were able to reuse it in other projects, such as furniture.  However, our storage space for materials was constantly under pressure, and we admitted the reality that the wood would likely be sitting around for a decade before we actually had time to do anything with it.

Julio asked around and was able to find a coworker that was interested in the panels to finish off a cabin he was building.  So one day he came over with a trailer, and we loaded up all of the wood.  While it was a relief to get our space back, we were definitely sorry to see the wood go.  After all, it would have been really nice to somehow reuse the wood somewhere in the house or to create something new with it.  After a few months, Julio asked Tim how the wood was working out…

“Oh, I didn’t have space, so I burned it.”  Other than the fact that that was just stupid because of the lead paint, it was an incredible waste of irreplaceable wood.  We would have gladly taken it back if we’d been able to tell the future, but too late now…

2 thoughts on “No new life for old growth

  1. Sidenote: I later tested the woodwork up there and was happily surprised to find that it was NOT lead-based paint. I always assume old wood is, but that was a nice surprise. No matter how careful you try to be with it, dismantling and remodeling will disturb old paint to some extent.


  2. OMG! Really? That’s the problem with giving valuable stuff away for free. The recipients don’t value it enough to take care of it. I would have taken it in a minute and spent weeks stripping that paint. I would love to have some more old growth douglas fir for our craftsman. We’ve found areas where it was removed and we’d like to put it back.


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