Chimney demo

We removed the chimney to create space for a bigger pantry closet and a chase for heat ducts to the upstairs.  This was possible to do, because our new furnace and tankless water heater duct directly out the side of the house, making the chimney obsolete.  Our friend James pitched in once again to help take us take it down.  He worked like crazy with the cold chisel and sledgehammer, while Julio carted the bricks out to the backyard.  They were able to get the whole thing down in only 2 hours.  The old mortar helped a lot, as there wasn’t much holding the bricks together.







5 thoughts on “Chimney demo

  1. 2 hours!? They must have been cookin’. This is one of the few tasks I hired out. It took 2 guys from the Rebuilding Center’s Deconstruction Services a whole day to take mine down.


  2. Our mortar was just one level above dust. You could just about knock them out with your hand. Unfortunately, our fireplace chimney doesn’t look much better than that and really needs to have some tuckpointing done.


  3. The old morter helps a lot. This could mean the difference between 2 hours and 2 days. When we removed ours it nearly fell apart, while my brothers was like concrete and took what seemed forever.


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