Kitchen insulation

This was a great point, to finally have the room ready for drywall.  It felt like six tons being lifted off of our shoulders.

The bad part of the story was that we were on a really, really tight timeline, due to being squeezed between a Friday inspection (for rough-ins) and a Monday inspection (insulation) in order to be ready for our drywaller to start on Tuesday morn.  Julio’s dad was coming into town to help put the kitchen together the next weekend, so it was very important to have the drywalling done by then.  Both the kitchen and bath had to be done over the weekend, and some delays forced Julio to pull an all-nighter on Sunday night.  It all worked out as we needed it to, but the weekend was one that we didn’t want to think about for a long time.

Because it’s almost impossible to keep Kraft paper intact and to maintain a good, continuous barrier, we like to use a sheet of plastic as the vapor barrier.  It’s much easier to add the plastic after the insulation than it is to try to night tear and rip the Kraft paper.


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