Crown moulding


Julio holds up a piece of the moulding.  This was another great moulding from McCoy Millwork.  It has a nice, simple angular design that really fit well with the Craftsman aesthetic of the house.  It would not have been appropriate to install anything curved or frilly in this kitchen.  The angle is later mirrored in the window/door trim, as well as the piece on top of the cabinets.  We got a great color match with our cabinets with one of the stock Minwax stains, plus a satin poly finish.

Because the price difference was huge, we chose to use hemlock instead of fir for this moulding.  Like so many other details, it became much less noticeable once the whole room was put together.  Even though it doesn’t really match the trim in our other rooms, the “feel” is the same, so nobody ever notices.



8 thoughts on “Crown moulding

  1. Hey, I recognize that moulding! I’m using the same stuff in my kitchen, but it will be painted white and mounted the other way.

    Your kitchen looks great!


  2. Thanks for the compliments! They always help motivate us to keep going…and going…and going. We checked out your site, and your kitchen is looking quite nice as well. I love seeing other local housebloggers’ projects, and it’s always great to read about all the same local resources (i.e. Rejuvenation, Rebuilding Center, Cline Glass,…)


  3. We are removing the moulding in our living room and dining area because it not the original and curved and frilly!!! I am unable to see it totally. Could you describe it? One piece or two? I really like it TY Gail


  4. O God!

    The “lets upgrade out nice craftsman house with kitschy victorian style moulding” is SO annoying!

    They did that to my house too. BEAUTIFUL original unpainted craftsman baseboards and surounds. Ugly cheap victorianish frilly crown moulding. WORSE, they didn’t match the wood stain, not even close. What an eyesore. But so many people came to our house and said “wow nice crown moulding (not ironically)” and everytime I mumble “thanks but it’s not period accurate and I think it’s ugly…”

    The catalogue has no price, how much was a stip?


  5. Looking at this post from 2005 and trying to find the crown you used in the picture in the new catalog. Could use some serious help!

    thanks in advance,


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