Completed bathroom

We finished the sink, toilet and tub shorty after finally moving into the house. We have added some minor touches since these pictures, so look for some more in the future.





2 thoughts on “Completed bathroom

  1. First, I want to say that you guys are pretty freaking amazing and thank you for answering my question about refinishing the floors. SInce then, I have ran into many additional dilemmas. One being the bathroom. My home is fully equipped with the original, very neglected clawfoot tub and I am currently trying to figure out the best way to clean it. It also looks like it needs a few faucet and valves. Did you take that project up yourselves? I’ve ran quite a few searches and have yet to come up with a solution. Any advice?


  2. John,

    Thanks for the compliments. We are still in our burnt-out phase, so it’s good sometimes to reflect on how much is actually behind us.

    The existing clawfoot that was included in our basement ended up being too big to fit into our main bath (classic case of planning things out while planning to buy a home). We were not able to find any reasonably-priced shorter tubs at the salvage shops, so we bit the bullet and spent a small fortune online (, I believe). At the time we bought it (late 2004), we found ours on clearance, and it included a discount on the pipes and valves.

    It’s worked out great, but the only thing I didn’t like was that the back of it is sloped, so it was pretty dicey to get all the plumbing attached. The overflow pipe tips towards the tub, and the supply lines tip away. When I complained about the angle, they told me to just compress the washers in tight, and it “should work just fine.” I guess they were right, cause it’s held for almost 5 years without any leaks.

    Good luck!



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