Sprinkler trenches

Julio dug trenches for sprinklers by hand.  While it would have been nice to use a power trencher, our raised lot makes it very difficult to bring in anything heavy.  Often, it seems like more work to get the equipment up to our yard than it is just do do something the hard way.

It felt ironic to us to be putting in a lawn and sprinklers, since that’s not what we’re into.  We are much bigger fans of naturescaping and putting in plants that require fewer resources.  But, since we wanted our daughter to have a place to play, we opted to put in a section of grass.  Because of Portland’s extremely dry summers, it would die without some amount of watering during the summer.  We decided to put in the sprinklers in order to be able to program for the minimal water usage possible, as opposed to our past technique of setting up a sprinkler and then forgetting that it was on.  There was one time years ago that we left one on all night!  A sprinkler system seemed like the best compromise to not use excessive water.  And, after having lived with it for a year, we can say that it really is great.  We also ran some lines for drip irrigation of some landscaping, and we highly recommend that, too.


3 thoughts on “Sprinkler trenches

  1. I, too, never thought I’d put in a sprinkler system but for the same reasons that you mentioned, I’m really glad I did.
    Regarding the trench digger – that was a good choice of avoidance on your part. I got one from Lewis Rents (another neighbor), and in about 10 years of doing house projects, that was by far the most challenging task I’ve taken on.


  2. What a bunch of crap! You’re just convenience-gluttonous yuppies hellbent on showing off your new status doo-dads. Water saving be damned!!


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