Door and base trim started


We used the same vertical grain fir that we used on our window trim.  I found Mr. Plywood to be a great place to buy fir, as they have a nice selection of “shorts” that are about 1/2 the per foot price of custom lengths.  Since most of the shorts are 6-8′, they work out perfectly for door and baseboard trim.  It’s a (relatively) cheap way to get fir trim.  Even though this is VGF while the original woodwork in the rest of our house is flat-grain, it still has a very authentic and original look once it’s stained.



One thought on “Door and base trim started

  1. Hooray! You’re supporting my neighborhood business! Ever since our utopian little workplace got bought out by an evil corporation from Ohio, I avoid the big box stores more than ever before. Those guys at Mr Plywood are great and the quality is so worth the extra price.
    I’ve seen the “shorts” but never thought to buy. I’ll need to check that out for my dining room window and door trim.


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