More headroom!

his is one of the craziest ideas we had. It started with an innocent question…”I wonder if we could raise the ceiling upstairs?” Well, the answer was ‘yes,’ but not by much. Julio carefully dismantled each roofing truss and moved up or replaced each board to give a height 3″ higher than before. That 3″ is key when you’re going from a finished height of about 6’1″ to 6’4″. That means that most people can now walk up there without stooping, which made the 5 long days of work worth the effort. An added bonus is that the ceiling is now more level than before, because a few of the old rafters were undersized and had sagged a bit.








One thought on “More headroom!

  1. Thanks for posting this article. I so want to finish the attic in my house and turn it into a master bedroom, but are seeing some road blocks due to codes and regulations. When I asked my contractor he said we would have to take the whole roof off raise it up and redo it. Did you have any code problems when you did this to your attic?


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