Bungalow Lighting

By the time we we purchased our bungalow in 2004, it had been abused as a rental house for well over a decade. As you might expect, none of the original lighting remained (with the exception of the brass fitters in the living and dining room box beams.) Sadly, everything else was long gone, but don’t feel too sorry for us – we definitely had fun choosing new lighting!

We selected copper-foiled Tiffany-style stained glass shades from Rejuvenation for our living room sconces, box beam fixtures and dining room chandelier.






In our kitchen, we used five Arts and Crafts style pendant fixtures from Progress Lighting. (To tie the fixtures together with the rest of the room, we installed matching carmel-swirled glass panels in the cabinets flanking our refrigerator.)





For our ground floor bathroom, we chose sconces and overhead lighting from Schoolhouse Electric.



In our front entry hall, we used another stained glass fixture from Rejuvenation which incorporated all of our paint colors from the entry hall, living room and dining room, which really helps tie the ground floor together.






5 thoughts on “Bungalow Lighting

  1. I found your blog some time ago via houseblogs.net. I bookmarked it for a rainy day…today it rained. I’m almost caught up from the beginning (2004) and to the most recent posts…I’m really enjoying the reading.

    You have a lovely home. Your light fixtures are beautiful and your paint colors are gorgeous. You weren’t kidding when you said your wife knew her stuff. She’s done a tremendous job on making your home warm and inviting.

    Back to reading…


  2. Victoria,

    Thanks for the compliments. Stephanie is too modest to reply herself, but I know it always feels good to get compliments on something you’ve put a lot of heart and soul into.


  3. OMG your house is breathtaking!

    Hi from a fellow Portlander! I also found your blog through houseblogs.net. My husband and I are about 4-5 months into a renovation project in Rose City Park (53rd & Hancock). Someday I hope our woodwork will come out like yours (its currently painted pink, and has been since 1964… the shade is called “Satan” based on the paint swatch we found in the basement).

    It’d be great to meet fellow locals in the renovation community!

    I love the fixture selection, may we be copycats? 😀

    – Dawn Peterson



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