Finished bathroom

We finally got around to taking a nice picture of our finished bathroom.

Thanks, wide angle lens

8 thoughts on “Finished bathroom

  1. Hey, I don’t think that it’s just the wide angle lens. The house actually looks terrific. You must have moved a lot of stuff around to take these pictures. From these pictures, I think you could easily be featured in a magazine. Start hunting one


  2. Awww – thanks! There are some “before” photos elsewhere on the site. The former bathroom was a hideous pink and beige number from the 60s with nothing original about it. Julio and his dad copied the wainscot detailing from our dining room, but painted it rather than staining it.


  3. I WANT YOUR BATHROOM!!! That is completely the look I’m going after. One question though, is it hard to keep the hexagonal tile cleaned on the floor? I’m kind of scared of all the grout, but it looks so cool! I am even planning on using black accents. Can I just have your bathroom? Trade?


  4. Thanks! We are not good housekeepers, but the tile floor seems to always look good. Other than some sweeping and very rare damp mopping, we don’t really worry about it at all. Having the contrasting tiles, grout and accents makes it busy enough that your eye doesn’t ever focus on the dirt. The key, though, is that we used the more modern glazed tiles, as opposed to the authentic unglazed. Also, we would recommend using a dark grout, so it doesn’t get dingy looking. Just checked out your blog…very ambitious trying to rehab a house while in school. Good luck!


  5. Hello. A few years ago I had written a comment asking how you made the wainscoting in this bathroom to which you kindly replied, but now I can’t find your response! We’re finally ready to do the project ourselves but we’re hoping for some tips beforehand.
    Thanks! Your home is an inspiration.


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