Tag – looks like we’re it!

We have been tagged by the nice folks at Tiny Oak Park Bungalow. They asked to list five things that other housebloggers probably don’t know about us. Since we’re new arrivals to houseblogs.net, we’re guessing we could write just about anything and it would be news. OK – let’s see…

1) We met in college in Chicago, Illinois and shortly after graduation, moved to Portland, Oregon where we have lived ever since – except for a brief stint in Providence, Rhode Island in 2003.

2) We are old house fanatics. It’s almost an illness. Our current house – the one we’re detailing on this blog – is our fourth house/fixer in ten years. (We admit it – we’re addicted. We really love this house though and may have to stay put for awhile!)

3) Julio is an engineer and I am an interior designer. I tend to visualize/sketch out our house projects, and Julio takes my drawings and makes them a reality. We make a pretty good team in that regard! Of course, I’m fairly obsessive when it comes to details and would probably make most contractors weep with all of my specifications. I’m really lucky that Julio is such a patient (and talented) guy!

4) We have a four year old daughter named Chloe, a baby due in July, two pugs and a cat. Our daughter has been around construction for so much of her short life that when she drives her toy car around on our back patio, if we ask her where she is headed, she always either tells us she is going to “the paint store” or “to Home Depot.” Poor kid.

5) I am terrified of power tools. Julio loves ’em (which is a really good thing since he’s done almost of of the work on our house himself.)

So… there you are – five facts about us. Thanks for visiting our site and please don’t be shy – introduce yourselves!


2 thoughts on “Tag – looks like we’re it!

  1. I’m so enjoying reading these “five facts” post from various bloggers on houseblogs.net! An engineer and a designer – what a perfect combination! Congrats on the new baby, and it sounds like your daughter is going to have construction in her blood – and hopefully won’t be afraid of power tools (I’m a woman who would much rather have a new powertool than jewelry or a fancy vacation).

    And PUGS!!! Here’s a pic you might enjoy – http://farm1.static.flickr.com/56/147289868_afda76700e.jpg.

    That’s me on the far right holding the World’s Biggest Pug, Murphy, who we adopted from MD Pug Rescue, together with four of his five offspring, at a “Pugfest” in Maryland. Murphy and the mother of the pups were dumped at the SPCA when she was pregnant, and the Rescue was able to get them and find homes for all of them. We think they were probably dumped because Murphy is hyper-dominant and obsessively marks (we keep him confined to a hallway with nothing to mark or in a “belly band”), but he’s also one of the sweetest most fun dogs I’ve ever had, which I’m now learning is just how pugs are!

    So anyway, hi from another old house (especially bungalow/craftsman/arts & crafts era) fanatic!


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