Stairway to nowhere….

Our house has a 2nd stairwell to the upstairs, which we think is pretty unusual in a house of this size (approx 2000′ sq. ft., not including the basement). However, it was long ago sealed up to create enough floor space for an additional bedroom in the upstairs. We have also opted to keep the extra square footage, because we need two bedrooms upstairs and like being able to use the stairway as an extra closet. We are seriously closet-deficient in this house, so we take anything we can get!

This stairway is also the only available and feasible location for running our new plumbing for the future 1/2 bath upstairs. We’ll be running the supply and drain lines over on the right hand side of the stairwell. The bottom two treads have been removed and the holes cut into the basement, but we haven’t taken an pictures yet. These “before” pictures will have to do for now. We’ll add more soon if we have time to work on it tomorrow…


stairway_bottom.jpg stairway_top.jpg

7 thoughts on “Stairway to nowhere….

  1. My house is 2200 sqft. It has a 2nd stairway that originally was the only way into the attic which happened to be the back half of the upstairs. They put in doorways and created a fourth bedroom upstairs and a bathroom. I am planning on running joists across this opening to make the bathroom even larger and adding a shower stall. I don’t want to remove the stairs just in case a later owner wishes to have an attic again or something but we never use it. My daughter used to run up and down with the dogs chasing her for fun but that’s about it. I don’t think 2000 sqft. is too small for a 2nd stairs because in this size house it was more utility and not intended for a housekeeper or maid like it might have been in a house that is 4000 sqft. It really struck me funny to see yours looking similar to mine and the fact they floored over it to enlarge a room upstairs they way I am hoping to do the same.


  2. Patricia,
    Thanks for sharing your story. We have found clues that make us think that our back bedroom area was once a sleeping porch. We found a galvanized “pan” that had a lip around most of the perimeter as well as back wall construction that made us think that it may have been open to the elements.
    Given what you said about your attic area, I’d bet that the back stairwell was used just to access the sleeping porch. It has all since been opened and connected, so all we can do is guess at this point. As cool as it would have been to have a sleeping porch and a 2nd stairway, a second baby on the way is making us want to keep every square foot we can!


  3. Your blog is soooo great and your daughter is adoreable! I just purchase a 1910 craftsman in Hawthorne Area. And boy do I have some work to do. I was wondering if you have some resources you’d like to share. i.e painters, drywall, decks,fences, electrical, plumbing. And that is just to get started LOL I may need to rebuild chimney. I’m a single woman from CA and I just moved here. So any help would be great.I found your blog very inspiring but there are always people wanting to take your money and not do the work. Again Great Job, Geraldine


  4. Thank you, Geraldine! My husband Julio has done most of the work on our house himself, but I am an interior designer and I’m happy to forward names and contact information for folks my clients have worked with in the past (and have been pleased with.) Just email me at and I will forward whatever I can. Welcome to the Hawthorne area!



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