Plumbing the stairs to nowhere…

The loved/hated trip to Home Depot guaranteed a late start and a shorter workday today. However, some progress was made, so I’m feeling pretty good about things. Plumbing is usually one of my slower “skills,” so it’s great when it doesn’t fight me too much.

Holes cut in flooring for supply/drain pipes for upstairs. These will get boxed in once it’s all done. Or, more likely, in the week before we put the house on the market. And no, we have no plans to do so, but how high of a priority will this be when other parts of our house are still inhabitable? I didn’t get the drain pipe all the way up to this point today, but it’ll eventually work its way towards the upstairs through this hole, along with the supply lines.

In the basement, I took out the sink, which has to be moved due to being directly in the path of where I had to run the 3″ drain for the new upstairs bath. I removed the cleanout assembly that I had put in two years ago and replaced it with a 45°fitting to allow me to connect the new drain line to the main stack. I use pieces of leftover wire to help me hold the pipes in place as I install them. I always find this to be the trickiest part…trying to get everything cut, glued and installed with the proper slope. I have to add a disclaimer that all the sloppy wiring visible in this picture was not done by me! It was a gift from the previous owner. When we eventually get around to redoing this bath, it’ll all get cleaned up!

pipes1.JPG pipes2.JPG pipes3.JPG


2 thoughts on “Plumbing the stairs to nowhere…

  1. When we put in our bathroom we had to worry about installing handicap grab bars so that Dad wouldn’t fall when he stayed at the house. Nothing like your mess their but we cracked the tiles in the bathtub enclosure…


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