Sticker shock

We knew that our drywall job would be expensive, but it was sobering to get our first bid yesterday.  It came out at just over $5500!  While the actual floor area is only about 700 sq. ft., we have an incredible number of angles and nooks and crannies that will make for a really tricky job.  Even worse, there is no way to carry full sheets up through our tight staircase, so they are going to have carry all 80 sheets of drywall up our stairs, around to the back of the house (75′ horizontally, 12′ vertically) and then hoist them one-by-one up to our patio cover (which I have to reinforce with plywood), carry them to the back window and feed them into the house.  There is absolutely no way to get a power lift into our lot.

Hopefully some of the other bids come back lower, but we are starting to face the reality that it’s going to cost us a bundle to have someone else do the work.  Of course, we’re out of options, since doing it myself would take approximately… eternity, judging from past experience.  Given that our goal is to wrap up in June before the baby comes, that’s not a good option.  It’s starting to sound much better to tap into the equity line and maybe, just maybe, enjoy those weekends and vacation time instead…


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