Drywall contractor hired!

We got a new bid from a good contractor for $800 less than the first one.  Given that they could also start within a few days instead of close to a month, the choice was easy.  Because our other bids didn’t pan out (one guy never got back to us and the other bowed out because he worked by himself), we decided to just move forward instead of wasting more time.  It looks as though they’ll start the hanging within a day or two!

This weekend I cleared out all the tools and remaining materials so that they’d have space to work.  I also went ahead and cut a hole in our patio cover and added plywood to make a standing/walking surface.  My initial plan of gracefully removing the panel in order to be able to reinstall it did not pan out.  The nails wouldn’t budge, so plan B was to rip it to shreds.  They’ll have to start with the “fun” job of lifting bunches of sheets through the slot and feeding them into the back bedroom through the window hole.  And that’s after carrying them up our front stairs and all the way to the back of the house. An elevated lot is a major pain.



6 thoughts on “Drywall contractor hired!

  1. Best of luck with your drywayll project. One word of advise, make sure they use Durabond for the first coat of mud, it’s much stronger and durable than regular drywall compound. The final layers don’t matter as much.

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    Best of luck with your remodel!


  2. Sandra – I tried Angieslist.com, and it worked out great. I could easily see who was very good and who was very bad. Felt much better than just opening up the phonebook. I found others through word-of-mouth, but one of them was the one that didn’t even come back with the bid.

    Todd – thanks for the tips.


  3. Julio – thanks for the info. Word of mouth is supposed to be the best but I’m not surprised, companies that get work from review sites have a stake in getting back to you and doing good work, for obvious reasons. It’s looking great! By the way, I have just profiled your blog on my blog RenoWire. The post can be read at
    http://renocheck.com/renowire/renoblog-spotlight/remodeling-for-reason-bungalow-insanity/ . Any inaccuracies … just let me know. Sandra


  4. Drywalling isn’t too hard a job. The most difficult thing is drywall mudding. I usually do small jobs on my own. However, it is true that a professional can do a big job much faster. It is also a well known axiom that a good job plastering can cover a multitude of sins.


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