Drywall, day 1

The contractor had said that he “might” start on Tuesday, and thankfully, he did. We had a beautiful, sunny day in the 60’s, which is pretty rare in Portland in the spring. This was pretty much the ideal day to be hoisting drywall up through our patio cover and in through the window. It would have been a real mess if it’d been raining. Four guys brought up 85 sheets in less than two hours, which is really, really impressive. This picture is of one of the three stacks sitting up there right now. They’re going to be back at 8 AM to start hanging it!  By the way, if you haven’t been in our upstairs, the drywall should give you a good idea of how short the ceiling is and why it was so worth the effort to spend nearly a week raising the ceiling by only 3″
Chloe is really excited about her room, and she wanted to come up with me tonight to take pictures of it…



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