Drywall, day 4

After being MIA for 3 days, our drywall contractor finally got his taping crew over to our house today. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, because I’m not. However, the few times that we have hired outside help, the lack of communication has been the tie that binds them all together. Even the better ones, like this guy. He does actually show up on the days that he says he will, but the time will be a total mystery. They didn’t start until 1 pm, so they accomplished very little. Our hopes of being able to prime the walls this weekend have really started to fade… On the bright side, the work will be finished well ahead of when some of the other contractors would have been able to start, and (this is the biggie) I am not doing it myself. I have to keep reminding myself how great that is, particularly when it comes time to pay the bill!


2 thoughts on “Drywall, day 4

  1. One more suggestion….and it may be too late. When they tape the angled corners ask them if they use “No Coat”…its a brand name product that we sometimes use on angled corners and it’s amazing stuff. It will save you lots of hair line cracks over time as the house moves.

    Good luck….it’s looking great….plan on painting next weekend….


  2. Lucky for us, they are using the No Coat. I had never heard of it before, but this contractor was the only one to mention using it on the inside angles (and we’ve got many of them). I have seen lots of wavy tape lines in this situation, so it definitely made us interested in using the only person to proactively mention it. Thank you for telling us about it, because even a few weeks ago I didn’t know it existed…


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