The white rooms


Wow, this looks different… even though the rooms will be full of color by the time we’re through, the stark white walls of drywall primer are an exciting milestone. The formerly dull, dark rooms are full of light, even with just a camera flash. The drywall is looking really good – we’ve only been able to find a few problem spots, all of which can be easily corrected. The funny thing is that I had nearly finished priming Chloe’s room before noticing that her recessed light was no longer there, or more correctly, was neatly covered up by the drywall. One of the hangers forgot to cut the hole, and now it is nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, the pictures from before are only giving me a general idea of where it is, so we will probably have to resort to a magnet or fancier stud sensor. I’m going to let the contractor worry about it, so that I don’t go cutting random holes in the drywall. The ceiling looks better in real life than in the photos – I think the lines that are showing are from the drying primer.


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