A taste of the new floors (mmmm…..high density fiberboard!)

Today we picked up our 42 boxes of Pergo and brought them upstairs to acclimate. We’re going to start laying them down this weekend, but you can get an idea of what they’ll look like with this sample patch I laid down. We are still trying to decide if we need to go with a separate underlayment or not. The boards have the pre-attached variety, but it seems thinner than some of the ones that come on a roll. We are going to buy a roll to do a sound test before we commit one way or another. It’ll be about a $300 difference with or without, so we are hoping to be able to skip it. If anyone is curious, we’re using Pergo Brazilian Cherry. It is really amazing how much better the laminates look than they used to, and this should hold up really well to the abuse of two kids. At least the two girls that we’ll have…cause I don’t know if anything can really hold up to boys…



3 thoughts on “A taste of the new floors (mmmm…..high density fiberboard!)

  1. I think you will like the laminate floors. We have them in our house and they have held up well to your 2 teenage boys. One issue we have found with ours is that if water is allowed to set (it’s a long story about my husband and filling a fishtank) then water may seep down and swell the boards. However, I know some types can be glued to help prevent this problem. Good luck! I love the job you are doing on your home.


  2. Ron – thanks for the tip…we’ll take a look to see what it says.

    Jody – thanks for the info…we’ll be careful not to fill any fishtanks, and thanks for the compliment.


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