New floors!

I started working on the upstairs floors this weekend, and it’s amazing how fast these laminate floors go in.  It took awhile to get into a good groove and figure out all the tricks (the rubber mallet is your friend), but once I did they went in about 3x as fast as the engineered wood we put into the kitchen.  In about 10 hours, I was able to finish 2/3 of our upstairs (450-500 square feet, with lots of walls and cut-outs).  While I’m still not convinced I’ll like them as much as wood, the click system is awesome, and I think they will hold up well over time.


One thought on “New floors!

  1. Hi,we are thinking about using laminate in our kids room and our bedroom.We already have wood floors .The previous owner did not refinish these two rooms and since our son has asthma we thought this would be the safest and easiest option. I am glad you think it was easy to install!!!!!


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