We’ve got floors!!

This weekend I finished up ALL the floors.  I’m a big fan of the laminate floors now.  In probably 20-24 hours of work, I was able to get the entire upstairs done by myself.  I can also say now that I’ve put it down that I’m really, really impressed with how well the laminate coped with some of the floor issues.  There were a few places that I laid down a layer or two of felt paper to smooth a transition or to bring up a low level, but otherwise the floor and it’s pre-attached padding dealt with the rest on its own.  I was actually shocked that the area in which I had spread the leveling compound in Chloe’s room was covered without a hitch.  There is just enough “give” in this material that it could probably deal with most normal floors without much prep at all.  I recommend the felt paper as an easy-to-work-with material for building up floors where you have to, but I honestly used MUCH less than I expected to.  I’d guess that most brands are similar at any given price point, but we will definitely give a thumbs up for the Pergo Accolade.

Floor prep in hallway


Chloe’s floor…1/2 done!
Chloe’s room and one closet done
Looking back from Chloe’s room

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