Built-in bed

dsc_8589.JPG dsc_8609.JPG
Over the last couple of days, I started and pretty much finished Chloe’s built-in bed/windowseat. All such projects are inspired and/or degraded by my “seat of the pants” design method, which is further affected by issues such as sloping floors and non-square walls. I’ve never been good at having the patience to sketch out all the detail work ahead of time, although I know that it’s a great thing to do. Regardless, I’m pretty happy with the way it came out, and once a few more pieces of trim and a lot of white paint are added, it should look pretty decent. And even though it’s “made for a girl, it’s strong enough for a boy.” I made it super-sturdy, so any jumping around shouldn’t be a problem.


6 thoughts on “Built-in bed

  1. I am just starting a project similar to what i looks like your doing with the built in bed. I am removing an oversized closet from a small room. Building in a bed with drawers underneath and closet with some cubbies underneath. I would love to see some more pictures of what you did. the two pictures here have already made me think of some things I had not yet thought of. Thank you, Ed


  2. Hi Ed –

    I’ve been meaning post updated photos of Chloe’s room for ages, but keep forgetting. Thank you for reminding me! I will try to post them later today or tomorrow. 🙂


  3. Hi again, Ed.

    We still need to post some “after” photos of Chloe’s room, but this photo does a pretty good job of showing the finished bed, minus the mattress, bedding, etc.

    Rather than drawers, we used baskets in the cubbies underneath the bed, which have worked out really well for jammies, slippers and stuffed animals. Here is a picture of the completed bed, after painting.


  4. Your room looks very nice.

    My room was much smaller and I am almost finished. Your room gave me the kick in the pants to get started. I used the drawers and slides from an old dresser that was sitting in my basement. I used the side panels as a foot board and the top and 2 more drawers as a head board. I put in a cabinet from the habitat for humanity restore as a closet. I took pictures all the way through and posted them in my myspace.


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