Next to Godliness

I took off Monday and Tuesday in order to have a nice, big five day weekend. I can say without hesitation that the most exciting accomplishment of those days was the fact that I cleaned up the rooms. It is such a great feeling to get out all the clutter and tools and see your creation. A funny story is that I didn’t tell Stephanie that I was going to be throwing all the wood scraps out the window (the only way a reasonable person would consider doing it), and she saw a piece of plywood plummet down while she was sitting at the dining room table. Her first thought was that it was me falling out of the window, which scared her to death. I guess it probably wasn’t very funny to her at the time, but I found it kind of amusing.

Anyway, we had decided a few weeks ago to cut our losses and stop any work on the baby’s room. Since our window of opportunity is rapidly shrinking (Steph’s due date is less than 3 weeks away), we realized that to have any hope of moving Chloe upstairs (and thereby staking a claim on her room (and more importantly, her closet, since ours is only about 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 feet!), we had to give up on our “nobody sets foot in the room until it’s 100% done” goal. Since we’ve never made that target in the past, what made us think we could do it this time? So, that means that much of the finish work, such as staining the doors and doing the trim in the baby’s room, will have to come after the fact. I did manage to get up most of the base shoe trim this week and have even started some of the filling and caulking. Unless the baby comes in the next couple of days, we should even see a bunch of painted trim this weekend!




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