Painting on borrowed time

Luckily the baby held out through another weekend, so I got two more days in on the upstairs. I finished up the caulking of all the trim, got it all primed and even got a first coat of gloss white on some of it. Our friend Jason of the Jasonian Institute even came over to pitch in a few hours of help. That was an unexpected surprise and helped push things forward today. Next Saturday is the baby’s due date, so our borrowed time will likely have to be repaid in full before you see any more updates from us…

After my past experience of working with my dad on painted trim, I find that it now takes me twice as long to get it done. The tradeoff, though, is that it looks at least twice as good. I never used to bother with caulk, and the result was gaps all over the place. Unlike stained trim, which camouflages gaps quite well, white trim appear to have all of these dark lines in it. It can really cheapen all the hard work you put into carefully cutting and installing the trim in the first place. While my dad potentially uses caulk to the point of overkill, working with him on our bathroom wainscoting showed me how good painted trim can look. Caulking ever single visible seam makes it look so much more professional and substantial. While I “wasted” at least an entire day’s worth of time caulking this trim (not to mention the day I spent with the spackle and wood filler), it looks really, really good.





One thought on “Painting on borrowed time

  1. Yes, it’s amazing how a little caulk in the right place can make a huge difference. (must… resist… urge to make joke!!!!) Our last house was a new construction in Texas and I had been walking through it almost every day as it got into the final stages of construction. At one point the trim was all up and painted, but there were gaps all over the place. I was ready to pounce on them during final walkthrough. It just so happens that during our walktrhough a guy I like to call “The Caulker” showed up in the morning with a case of caulk and a well-refined technique that I am still in awe of to this day. He layed down a flawless bead on every piece of moulding in the house and all of the bathroom tile. It was quite impressive. In fact he was the last guy from the construction crew in the house. Once he was done, the house was done.

    Anyway, that’s a long-winded way of saying “it looks good”! Now you better get some rest, I have a feeling you’re gonna need it soon!


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