First (small) sign of progress!

See if you can follow the math…

Colder weather
+ Large holes in the closet walls (attic access areas)
+ No heat ducts
= Cold upstairs




While the new insulation has made a tremendous difference, not having the furnace connected (yet) to the upstairs was not working out now that we’re into November. It was getting too cold for Chloe to be sleeping up there, so I finally took the first small step back into the remodeling world since Project Ginger. I put in foam insulation and 1/4″ plywood panels to cover all of the attic access holes. I probably went overkill by creating 7 of them, but I do not like inaccessible, or even difficult to access, areas. Some parts of the attic had been sealed up since the house was built in 1911, although maybe ignorance is bliss, since who wants to even know about raccoon poop? So, here’s what they look like now and what lies behind the plywood.  Check back in another five years to see if we’ve even painted them by then!

2 thoughts on “First (small) sign of progress!

  1. Good info on the attic. I live in Omaha, and my wife and I have a 1922 bungalow converted into 5 rooms (2 main floor, 2 upstairs, 1 basement) Unfortunately, the weather is a little colder here than in Portland so we have been looking at the best way to insulate. Strangely, we are also looking to drop our cable company and put in an DTV antenna. Thanks for the info!


  2. You’re welcome, Eric. Yes, I would think that Omaha is more than a little bit colder 😉 The only downside to our insulation project was that we were really constrained by our 6’3″ ceilings. There were several areas where I had to make tradeoffs between insulation R-value and airflow behind the insulation. In the sloped sections, we are only R-9 due to the 2×4 joists. In the flat ceilings, I was able to get R-26 in most spots. Had we had more height, I would have loved to drop the sloped ceilings just a bit to have more insulation depth.

    However, with every section of wall and ceiling now having at least some insulation and with a consistent vapor barrier (poly sheet between the insulation and the drywall), the space feels great. There are no drafts or cold pockets. I think we could almost heat each room with a candle. I wish the rest of our house was that comfortable!


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