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We’ve been asked on a couple of occasions for the names of our paint colors, and we thought it’d be best to dedicate a post to them. So now if anyone is ever curious about any of our colors, they can just check here. One of the perks/punishments of being married to a designer is our extensive color palette. While, yes, it would be boring to use the same shade of off-white in all your rooms, sometimes I have found myself wondering “do we really need 17 unique colors in every house we’ve ever lived in?” I can barely coordinate two colors, so I’m always amazed at how Stephanie is able to see how all the colors will relate to each other, even before they’re on the wall. My brain doesn’t work that way, so I just don’t get it. I can recall only twice where she wanted to change a color after getting the room painted…and that’s probably out of at least 40 paint jobs (scarily, we’ve lived in 4 different houses in the last 12 years). Anyway, here’s what we’ve got in this one. By the way, I copied much of this from a reply Stephanie left on another post, so if you want more detail, check here.

Foyer: the red looks much richer in real life than it does in the photo. It’s Sherwin Williams Rembrandt Ruby SW0033. This is probably my favorite color in the entire house. The ceiling is Sherwin Williams Hubbard Squash SW0044.


Living room: walls are Miller Paint Green Acre 8144M (Stephanie chose this one to match the green in the shades on our light fixtures – bungalow greens are usually a little more olive-toned.) Ceiling is Sherwin Williams Hubbard Squash SW0044.

Our living room
Our living room

Dining room: Walls are a Miller Paint custom mix (recipe: 05M0470,B – 6,C – 2 x 44, F – 3 x 28,W – 5 X 32, P/G). I have no idea what that all means, but supposedly it results in a pretty cool color. Stephanie says that Miller Sunburst 7845D is pretty similar to this. Ceiling is Sherwin Williams Hubbard Squash SW0044.

Our dining room
Our dining room

Kitchen: Walls are Miller Paint Fog Buoy 8574M. Ceiling was “a very custom mix – we mixed some buttery yellow paint we already had with ceiling white to achieve a creamy color that matched the caramel-swirled art glass in our kitchen light fixtures”


Bathroom: Lowe’s Spongebob Squarepants collection Seaweed. Ceiling is just standard “ceiling white” paint.



Upstairs, main room: Miller Paint’s Pekoe Tea 7673M. (Miller has changed their palette since we painted the playroom – this color is no longer in their fan deck, but they do still have the recipe in their database.)

Chloe’s room: Not recommended for anyone other than 4 year old girls! Sherwin Williams Impatient Pink 3854. I never knew the name before looking it up just now, and somehow it seems very appropriate for Chloe!


7 thoughts on “Paint Color Post

  1. Hi Julio & Stephanie, Thank you for the post and sharing all your colors with me. My wife and I are excited to get started!I have contacted Miller Paint and they are sending me swatches. We live in Ohio. Our home is a Tudor style – can’t wait to give it a twist with these colors. Thanks again & keeping posting, I enjoy your site.


  2. Hi Brad –

    You might really like the Arts and Crafts color collection from Sherwin Williams. Although it is marketed as being specific to bungalows, the muted nature of most the colors makes them work well with darker woodwork. They have a copy of their brochure posted at the bottom of this page (but I would recommend picking one up in person, because computer monitors can do odd things to colors.)

    You might also check out the Benjamin Moore historic color collection. Again, most of the colors are muted, and that’s what you’ll want with dark woodwork. Audubon Russet is a gorgeous terracotta, for example. Since you already have the Miller fan book on its way, another green I’ve always loved is Revere Green 8144M. Oh, and Hubbard Squash is lovely on walls too. 🙂

    Hope all goes well with the painting – please send some photos when you’re done!


  3. I can’t express how much I love your color choices! Over the past few years I’ve really gotten into darker, more saturated color and it seems most of the magazines and websites I frequent tend to show only white ceilings and pastel and neutral walls, both of which which bore me to tears. I’ve already gotten a good startin my home, but had gotten stuck in a rut and , until finding your post, had been unable to find any inspiration for my vacationing creativity. Thanks for thinking outside of the collective box, sharing your ideas , and giving my muse the kick in the pants it needed!


  4. Please tell me what color Ginger’s room is! It seems like a more subtle pink than Chloe’s room. I’m looking for a pink for our baby nursery and I like Chloe’s pink walls but I’m afraid my husband will not agree. He saw Tori Spelling’s daughters nursery and thought that was a bit too loud!


  5. Hi Lydia,

    Yes, it is a much lighter, much more subdued shade of pink than in Chloe’s room.

    Basically, I used the polka dot fabric in the curtains as my guide – I matched the color of the green dots for the playroom walls, the bright pink dots for Chloe’s room (because she wanted an INTENSE pink), and the paler pink for Ginger’s walls.

    The color we used was a Miller Paint color that has been discontinued called Gaiety Rose (7893M). It’s a Millenium Color – Duron uses the same palette, as do a few other companies. Sherwin Williams actually had the recipe in their computer and was able to do custom mix for me. So, if you go to a Sherwin Williams store and ask them if they can do a custom mix of a Millennium color: 7893M, they should be able to do that for you pretty easily.

    I would suggest having them mix you a “Color to Go” jar. That’s their test paint – it’s not something you want to paint a room with, but you can use it to make sure you like the color before dropping $40+ on a gallon of paint. The Color-to-Go jars are really inexpensive – here in Portland they’re $4.99 for quart of test paint.


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