The Playroom is (almost) finished!

Earlier this year, we blogged repeatedly about about our upstairs remodel. Post after post detailed our frantic race to get Chloe’s new bedroom and playroom habitable prior to her little sister’s birth. Then Baby Ginger arrived and we got so distracted that we never mentioned our upstairs again. Pretty inconsiderate of us, huh?

For those of you who have been curious about how it all turned out, below are a few photos of the new playroom. The space isn’t quite finished yet – we have still have some trim work to complete, doors to stain, shelves to install, pictures to hang, etc. But the space is far enough along that Chloe has been able to enjoy it for a couple of months now.

We were able to stay under budget on this project since we pretty much moved everything from Chloe’s old room into this room. The only new additions are the curtains and tablecloth (my first sewing project ever), the big pink beanbag chair (thanks Grandma!) and the new white bookshelf (thanks IKEA!)

We’ll post photos of Chloe’s new bedroom and bathroom soon.






6 thoughts on “The Playroom is (almost) finished!

  1. What a great space! It must also be great to have a play area separate from the living room. I think I bought that same fabric with green, yellow, blue, and white dots for curtains in my son’s room.
    I love the colors and the rocking elephant!


  2. Very nice room, and great photography as well. I can’t wait ’till I get a play area for my girls. At my rate, it’ll be ready for them when they go to college.


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