Upstairs Gone Wild: Spring Break 2008

Today kicked off Upstairs, pt. 107. Actually, we have no idea how many days have been “lost” up there, but that’s intentional. We honestly don’t want to know!

Much of yesterday and today was spent on home improvement store runs and clearing out Ginger’s room. I took this week off of work, and our goal is to have her room 100% done and the rest of the upstairs as close to that as possible. There are still little bits of trim work to do in all the rooms, and it’s amazing how many hours can be thrown into finishing a “done” space. My plan is to try to do all the sawing outside, to avoid kicking a bunch of dust into Chloe’s room, but today’s weather didn’t really cooperate with that idea. So, I opted to start the less fun task of starting to patch and mud the plaster walls on either side of the stairs. Our goal is to merge the 15 or so various textures on those two walls into a semi-cohesive look, even if it’s not perfect. And then we’ll paint the walls and rip the carpet off the stairs, so that they can be refinished. We’ve pretty much decided to hire someone else to do it, in line with our “save our sanity” plan that we committed to in our last post. Hopefully by paying for help on a few things we’ll squelch our desire to just move away from all these projects. Even today when dropping $400+ at lumber yards for “a few little things” to finish Ginger’s room, I was dreaming of how nice it’d be to be able to spend that money on something else…or even not spend it at all… So, without further ado, here’s the super-exciting kickoff picture…



3 thoughts on “Upstairs Gone Wild: Spring Break 2008

  1. After seeing pictures of the upstairs and pictures of the main floor, I’d never have guessed that stairway connected the two. It looks just like my stairway except your carpet is darker.

    I know what you mean about not wanting to get a “finished” space dusty again. I’m sitting in my dining room looking at the walls that have been skimcoated but still need to be sanded. I’ve decided to put up some plastic sheets one night this week and “just do it” and get it over with. I already did one short wall and the results have got me itching to do more!


  2. While this may mean crazy amounts of work on your “vacation,” this reader is very excited to have a new project to read about!

    We’ll be back at it this weekend, and hope to have updates for you to enjoy also.


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