Urban crop circle?

OK, so this has nothing to do with crops, but they do seem like they must have come from aliens. On sunny mornings, this is the sight that greets us. The reflections from the playroom windows upstairs create these three Xs on our neighbor’s house. Chloe likes to run upstairs to open and close the windows, which makes the patterns move around. The only thing that stumps is is why do the windows create these Xs? The windows are just plain squares of glass, so there must be some kind of complex polarizing effect going on here. Can anyone explain this to us?

dsc_9939.JPG dsc_7707.JPG

7 thoughts on “Urban crop circle?

  1. For some reason that picture reminds me of that scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where the sun shines through the staff just right and points to where the Holy Grail is buried. I think its because the center “x” is dead-center on your neighbor’s window, like it must be pointing to something important. Maybe your neighbor has the real Holy Grail hidden in that room!


  2. Hi,

    The X effect is due to most windows not being perfectly flat probably because of the frame holding the glass is putting it under some stress causing the glass to be slightly concave in areas (often in a cross due to the shape of most frames) and thus behaving like a complex lens focusing the light in some places more than others. It is often possible to see this curvature of the glass if you look at reflections on the glass while moving past it or in some cases sideways on.

    Needless to say you are not the only one who has noticed this phenomina and made the symbolic link with cropcircles, there are even some people out there that believe there is more too it than the mundane answer you stumbled upon and refer to these ‘urban cropcircles’ as ‘light circles’ or ‘circles of light’.


  3. Im one of those people who know some light circles carry huge energy, like all ancient sites across the world do and some Churches.This picture is just reflected light from other windows, but some of the light circles appear where no other buildings exist, or anything that could reflect light.I believe in these cases an old energy vortex rises unseen close, and when the Sun is low early in the day, or Spring Time this then passes through the vortex leaving a prism like condition where light circles are cast behind the vortex on anything thats there high enough.As some of these light circles carry huge energy like the ancient sites around the world, they are a natural phenomenon.


  4. Thanks for the explanations, everyone. I myself am partial to the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” theory. I think our neighbors must have something really important hidden inside…


  5. Jesus effin Christ. That’s my house, and I’m damn tired of all the kitchen utensils floating up in the goddam air 10 minutes after sunrise, then they all fall on the floor and I’ve gotta clean the place up again! Makes me frickin po’d. Some cosmic karma constellation deal zappin’ in my house when I’m just trying to feed the damn cats. Julio, just tell them damn pagans to pick on somebody their own size, will ya?? I’m too busy studying the Voters’ Pamphlet looking for Candy Neville’s absent profile to catch all the spinning dishes in here.


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