A new resource for reproduction glass shades

Reproduction glass shades

In addition to the many lovely offerings at Rejuvenation and Schoolhouse Electric, all sorts of reproduction glass light shades (from schoolhouse-style shades, to etched Victorian glass shades, to lovely craftsman-style shades which would be happy in just about any bungalow) are now available at House of Antique Hardware.

peacockblue.jpg Personally, I’m quite taken with their peacock blue iridescent art glass shades and am now trying to figure out if we might have room for a couple of them here at Bungalow Insanity.


2 thoughts on “A new resource for reproduction glass shades

  1. Oh my gosh! I am palpitating over the art glass shades on that site – just beautiful! Thank you for the link!

    Congrats on your sweet deal! I had a similar stroke of luck (but not quite so amazing) at the annual Rejuvenation sale two summers ago. I picked up four tulip shaped caramel glass shades for $10 each. The clerk at the store told me they’d been marked down so much because no one liked the color (purple) but I loved them! They’ve been sitting in my closet ever since though because with all of the other projects we have going on, we haven’t been willing to cough up the cash necessary to buy a light fixture to go with them!




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