A couple of days ago I sanded Ginger’s door down to get it ready for stain. Like all the upstairs doors, we had taken it to get dipped & stripped (probably over a year ago!), but unfortunately, the work never ends there. I hadn’t really looked at them too closely after getting them back from the strippers, but while sanding them, I noticed that the strippers had been a little to aggressive with their scrapers. One side of the door had really rough-sawn panels, and apparently the texture wasn’t willing to let go of the paint, forcing the strippers to scrape and gouge the panels to get the paint off. Because these gouges cut pretty deep, I decided to sand all of the panels smooth in order to remove the grooves. On the plus side, we now have nice, smooth panels on both sides of the door, but the negative was the hours I had to spend to sand just one door. Even with a power sander, it took forever to sand enough off to make the gouges less visible. They didn’t come out perfectly, but the great thing about old doors with beautiful grain is that the remaining blemishes actually add more character to the door. At least that’s what I tell myself, so that I can stop sanding. Comparing it to the way it looked when we bought the house, it was worth all the time and expense.

jib_2640.JPG door_old.jpg


3 thoughts on “A-door-able

  1. Houck’s did a great job with our doors, very little damage from any scraping they did.

    If you have other doors to do, I highly recommend the DeWalt Random Orbital sander.

    We sanded 10 doors down after dipping, and it took approx. 1 hour per door (including hand detail sanding). We have about 5 other sanders of differing brands, and this one is the easiest to use and gave us the greatest results. We only had to hit one door with the belt sander to get some deep blotches out, but other than that it did all the work for us!


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