I *heart* Cottager’s Wife!

A few weeks ago, the Bungalow Insanity family was lucky enough to visit British Columbia’s gorgeous Sunshine Coast.  If you haven’t had the pleasure yourself, you may want schedule a trip ASAP!

Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast

While in the area, we had the great pleasure of meeting Cottager’s Wife and her charming kids.  We had a wonderful time touring the Keats View cottage and its lush green garden.

I’m happy to report that Cottager’s Wife is just as lovely in person as she is online, and I hope to have the chance to visit with her again next time we venture north.

If you aren’t familiar with her blog, I recommend beginning with her scrumptious banana apricot muffin recipe.


2 thoughts on “I *heart* Cottager’s Wife!

  1. Thanks for your kind words. Next time you are in the neighbourhood I hope we can sit down with a glass of wine and I can introduce you to Cottager. Be sure to give us a heads up next time you are coming North. Lisa


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