Playroom Progress!

As regular visitors to our site know, our daughters’ playroom has been an ongoing project.  Prior to moving in to our house, we gutted the entire second story to the studs.  And then we ignored it for about two years.  Since then progress has been slow, but steady.  The second story is now home to Chloe’s room, Ginger’s room, a small half bathroom, and the above-mentioned playroom.

Over the past few weeks, the playroom has seen the addition of some new accessories (framed artwork, new lamps, new pillows) and some handy new storage benches.  It’s still not “finished, but it’s getting closer every day.

So, without further ado, here are some updated photos of the playroom:

Playroom Kitchen Area
Playroom Kitchen Area
Playroom facing Chloe's room
Playroom facing Chloe's room
New lamps and storage benches
New lamps and storage benches

24 thoughts on “Playroom Progress!

  1. we have that same kitchen set. Unfortunately it was colored on by both crayons and markers. I can not find anything to clean it off. What have you had luck with? Thanks


  2. I love this playroom. I have a question about the storage benches that are in the playroom..could you share where you got them from?


  3. Hi Ruby,

    I found them at Linens-n-Things before they went out of business.

    I wanted a place to store dress-clothes and stuffed animals. I’d looked at few toyboxes, but they looked really babyish and I wanted something the girls could use for awhile. I also liked the safety hinges – no pinched fingers. I think I got them about a year ago and I think they were $79 each although I remember using a 20% off coupon I’d gotten in the mail.

    LNT went out of business, but now they are back as an internet-only enterprise, so maybe they still carry them online?

    The benches are very similar to this:


  4. I really like the flat tops on the ones you bought. I checked with LNT with no luck :(. Any chance that yours have the manufacturers name on it so I might be able to trace who they are made by? I really like the specific ones you have..good choice!!


  5. Hi Kim,

    Thanks! I’ve been getting that question a lot this week! I found them in the bathroom section at Linens-n-Things over a year ago – before they went out of business.

    Another reader – Ruby – asked the same question a couple of days ago. They don’t seem to have them on the new LNT web site or at Bed Bath and Beyond. I don’t remember the manufacturer’s name (I do remember that the box they came in looked really generic – it was just a flat cardboard box with a photo of the bench on the front.)

    I checked inside the lid and flipped the benches upside down and there’s no sticker/manufacturer’s name (I probably removed all of the stickers when I assembled the benches.) I’m really sorry – I would be happy to tell you both who made them if I remembered.


  6. What a bummer! We just bought the same Expedit piece – do you mind if I ask if the benches were a true white, or more of the off-white-ish-PBK’esque color of the Expedit?

    I think that Target and Babies R Us have very similar benches, I’m on a hunt! And I’m totally bummed that I didn’t get those Deka clips at Ikea today – I had both girls with me and I was trying to maintain my sanity, and I have been meaning to get them for a while!



  7. I really like the flat top, also. The closest that I have found so far are Land of Nod (bead board toy chest), but I would prefer to stay under $100/each.

    It seems that Lowes used to carry this (by ‘Style Selections’), but I no longer see it on their site:

    There is this, that I think Wal-Mart carries.. but it’s a bit simple:

    Restoration Hardware has this, but I’m not sure it’s long enough:

    Not that I’ve spent a lot of time looking or anything :O)


  8. Hi Kim,

    I honestly cannot remember the manufacturer of the benches we have but “Style Selections” might be right – I remember it being a really super generic name and that photo looks familiar too.

    I was in the same boat – I looked for a long time. I wanted something long enough that it would almost create the illusion of built-ins since this *is* a bungalow and that IKEA bookshelf is pretty modern-looking on its own. But I needed a weird length – 32 inches was too short and 36 was just a little too long. These were one of the only benches I could find that were 34.”

    I’ve seen the Restoration Hardware bench in person and it’s cute, but it’s petite. As I said, our benches are 34 inches across. That one is only 24.” It might be a bit tight, depending on what you’re storing in there.

    I had the same requirements you had as well. We had a set budget for the room and I didnt’t want to spend more than $100 each on the benches.

    The other thing I liked about these is that they were solid wood, not MDF.


  9. You are so sweet to offer up suggestions! I did see all three of those in my searches, but I feel like I am settling now because I really want *yours*. I KNOW! You send me yours, okay? :O)

    We are moving to a new house (in a new state!) in 2 weeks and I have MANY, MANY, MANY things that I want to do – so I am trying so hard to be creative but also work within a budget. The playroom is first, because mommy needs to maintain her sanity :O).

    I have been searching for aqua blue/pink/green bins for the Expedit shelf. We have a larger Expedit shelf (the biggest one) in brown/black and I have the green Target Itso bins that fit PERFECTLY – but they only make them in primary colors. Boooo! I found a few different canvas bins on my search today, but none that really fit the color scheme I am working with. I plan to do our walls a lighter shade of aqua blue (I considered the green you chose, though!) and I was going to do pink curtains from PB (not 100% sure yet, though). We will also have two of the Ikea white shelves (the ‘floating’ ones that attach to the wall without supports) centered above the Expedit, so I think the benches w/ framed photos above would work so well.

    I’m rambling. I’ll let you know what I end up choosing!


  10. I meant to add that I did see a white storage chest at Tar.get today that was $49.99 and it did have a bead board front, but I can’t seem to find the style online. I will try to upload the picture that I took on my phone. I’m not sure of the measurements, though – but it does seem more square.


  11. Nevermind, it’s cute – but only 19 1/2 inches wide and 14 inches deep. Not sure that will cut it! Back to the drawing board!


  12. I wanted to let you know that Home Goods has some little hot pink upholstered ‘storage ottomans’ – I thought of your playroom when I saw them :O) ($25).


  13. So cute! Can you tell me what color/brand the walls are painted? I have a little girl’s room to do and am terrible with colors. You can email me if it’s easier. Thx!!


  14. Tracy – we purchased this paint from Miller paint awhile back – before the changed their palette. They no longer carry this color. However, you should still be able to find a paint store that does. It is a Millenium color and many different brands of paint use the Millenium palette (or have the recipes for the Millenium palette. I don’t know what part of the country you live in, but Duron is one company that uses the Millenium colors in their fan deck. The color is called Pekoe Tea 7673M.

    Just a word of warning – this is one of those colors that looks different under different lighting conditions. We have quite a bit of natural light in the playroom (windows on both sides of the room) and a really layered lighting plan (recessed ceiling cans, wall sconces and tabletop lighting) which makes this color look bright and cheerful. It can look very drab, dull and yellowish-olive under less “friendly” lighting conditions. I chose the fabric for the room first and then looked at paint color samples next to the fabric in the playroom itself before choosing a wall color so I wouldn’t have any surprises. I think that’s always a good way to go – choose a fabric or rug you love first and match the paint color to it. That’s much easier than trying to match items to a wall color. And look at your paint swatches in the room in which you’ll be using the color. When I saw this color in the paint store, I worried I’d written down the wrong color! It was so drab. But it doesn’t look drab at all in the playroom – it’s all because of the lighting.

    Good luck!


  15. Enjoying your blog very much! Just bought a ~1918 bungalow in Athens, GA. Not going to do much renovating yet, just decorating. Your site is very inspiring, yours bungalow is amazing! BTW, I love the black polka dot fabric you have in the nursery and on the pillows in the playroom! Where did you get it?

    Keep posting! 🙂


  16. Hi Denise –

    Thank you! We’ve definitely been lax about posting lately but need to get back to it soon.

    I believe I found the fabric at Hancock Fabrics. Their web site says it’s been discontinued but they still have limited quanties in stock. The pattern is called “Spirodots” so if you just Google “spirodots black pink” you should find several different fabric stores/web sites that carry it.

    Have fun with your new bungalow!


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