Drywall is done!

Although these pictures are actually “in progress” pictures, they give a pretty good idea of what the drywall looks like now. We ended up getting a bid from a contractor we’ve used before for $800 vs. the ridiculous $2200 that the guy who did our upstairs wanted to charge us. $2200 to do one room and a hallway ceiling?? As you may remember from the last post on this room, we decided to cop out and have someone drywall over the heavily-cracked plaster in this room. We got a bid by a plasterer, who said it all had to come down and be replaced (for $3200!), so that was out of the question. And since we are really trying to accelerate progress on our house, we decided to spend the $800 and just get it done. If I were doing this myself, it’d take me longer to just acquire the drywall then it took these guys to get the whole project done. It’s such a great and unfamiliar feeling to see progress on a project when I come home from work! I really like how they installed the drywall. They got 4’6″ x 12′ sheets, so there is only a single horizontal seem on each wall, making for really smooth walls.

We don’t have good “before” pictures of these areas, but the hallway ceiling, in particular, was in horrible shape. There had been some exposed pipes run to the upstairs sink, and the corner where they had penetrated the ceiling was a big, gaping hole. A long-ago leak had turned much of the lathe and plaster black, and most of the ceiling was cracked. Going over the whole thing with a smooth sheet of drywall has made such a difference…

Drywalled family room
Hallway ceiling remade

2 thoughts on “Drywall is done!

  1. I love a fresh wall! Looks great!!

    C is hanging drywall at this very moment. Patching the mess left behind from those lame, lame plumbers we hired.


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