Roof, day 2

They really cranked today.  The roof is basically done, minus some clean up tomorrow morning.  I went up to check everything out, and they did an amazing job of incorporating new flashing into our beat up old dormers.  And the appearance of the shingles is actually better than we expected.  Of course, the new roof is making our old paint look even worse, so you know what we’ll have to do soon…

New shingles
New shingles

3 thoughts on “Roof, day 2

  1. Bliss Roofing out of Oregon City. So far, so good. I did go up this morning and notice a couple of issues, like some cracked ridge shingles, which concerned me. I have the feeling that they just sent a single, unsupervised guy over to finish up the last bit yesterday morning. As long as they resolve all the problems, then I would definitely recommend them to people.


  2. When they redid our roof they also replaced the siding on the second floor, and yeah, it really made the old siding look “old” by comparison. Would love to replace or paint it one of these days when we have the $$ (in other words maybe never!)


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