Hidden wires

Yesterday I cut a couple of holes and fished some wire to get the room ready for our TV.  The holes were a pain, because I didn’t have time to cut the holes before the drywall went on.  This meant I had to cut through both the drywall and the underlying plaster, which is easy to do if you want dust everywhere and much more tedious if you don’t.  My “least dust” method is to gradually score through each layer with a utility knife.  After clearing the hole down to the wood lathe, I use a rotozip to slice out the lathe, which allows me to cut it without doing any damage to the remaining lathe and plaster.

The most challenging part of this project was just figuring out where to install the box behind the TV.  This box, which is a split box to handle both high voltage and low voltage wiring, had to fit between the proverbial rock and hard place.  The mounting bracket, the back of the TV and the stud locations all conspired against each other, so in the end I had to go with the best compromise and will have to just make it work in the end.  I’ve run the 120V wire from the upper box down to the existing 120V outlet (on the right), and the orange low voltage box will eventually be fed coaxial and network cables from the crawlspace.  Instead of running permanent low voltage wires up behind the TV, my plan is just to use the wall cavity as a chase for the wires.  Technology changes so quickly that it’s difficult to imagine what kind of wires we may need down the road.  Since I don’t want to touch this again, my solution is to just drop any wires I need through the upper hole and pull them out through one half of the bottom one.  Nice and low tech.

High and low voltage boxes
High and low voltage boxes

5 thoughts on “Hidden wires

  1. Nice job, you’re totally right about things changing so fast. I have a feeling in a couple years most of this stuff will all be wireless.

    BTW…nice new design on the blog!


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