Our house’s long lost twin

While we were walking Chloe over to a friend’s birthday party last Saturday, an orange house caught my eye.  It must have been some of the architectural details that got my attention, but there was something more to it.  It took me a few seconds to realize that I was looking at our own house!  Well, not literally, but it was clearly based on the same plans as ours.  I pointed it out to Steph, and after a few seconds she saw the similarities, too.

The overall footprint and shape is the same, although ours appears to possibly be a little longer in the back.  It has the same basic roofline with four dormers, but the roofs on the dormers are quite a bit different than ours.  The twin appears to have been a little fancier, at least on the exterior, with lots of multi-paned windows.  However, since most of our windows were removed back in the 60’s, we can’t be sure what our original living/dining/kitchen windows looked like.  Also, this house has well-preserved rafter tails, whereas most of ours have been chopped off over the years.

The irony is that the twin is only a block and a half from our old house and only 12 blocks from our current house.  In the four years that we’ve owned this house, we’ve been by this orange twin countless times and never noticed that it was a copy of ours.  Our next step is to meet whomever lives in it, so that we can see how the interior compares.  Finding this house destroys my theory that ours was one-of-a-kind, but it was kind of exciting to find out that it has a sibling that it never knew about.

6/2009 update: we found another twin, only 3 blocks away from us.  8/2009: yet another.

Our house, from the front
Our house, from the front
Twin house, from the front
Twin house, from the front
Our house, from the back
Twin house, from the back
Twin house, from the back

5 thoughts on “Our house’s long lost twin

  1. Just thought I’d add a comment to expand upon Julio’s post…

    One of the ways our house’s twin differs from ours is that it has a grouping of three windows just behind/to the right of the front door, whereas ours has a piano window. Also, you’ll notice that the kitchen window grouping at the rear of the house is different, but that is to be expected since our kitchen windows are not original to the house – we installed them four years ago.

    One thing these photos don’t show clearly is that the front door on the orange house is identical the front door on our house, right down to the hardware and door-knocker. Pretty crazy!


  2. I’m not sure if you already know the history of your house, but if you are interested I can usually get a number of details pretty fast. I’m itchin for some house genealogy work since I’m at a standstill with mine haha! 🙂


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