97 Layers of Paint on the Wall…

Ummm…maybe only 3 or 4, but it’s 97 years worth.  Lots of distractions got in the way today, so I only accomplished a few hours of paint stripping and bought a few extra pieces of fir I needed for window sills.  Adding the drywall on top of the plaster means that we’d lose 1/2″ of depth on the sills, which wouldn’t leave enough extend beyond the casing.  That meant another trip to Mr. Plywood for some beautiful 5/4″ 1x4s.

I had mentioned our Speedheater in the last post, so today I thought I’d show what this thing can do.  We bought it when we started the house in 1994 and sort of built the $400 cost into our initial projects.  I was shocked to go to the eco-strip website and find that they are now $600!  Ouch!  Even though it was very spendy, we feel that it’s paid for itself several times over in terms of labor.  While I’ve never been able to get results anywhere near as fast as shown on their video, this thing does work miracles.  It can cut through many layers of paint at once, without chemicals or flames.  It turns the paint into a gummy mess that can be easily scraped off, as long as you’ve heated it up enough.  On average I’d say that I have to hit each area about three times to get down to bare wood, but perhaps we have a particularly tenacious variety of paint in this house?  And I’ll always end up with a trace of residue that I’ll have to finish with a chemical stripper and some steel wool.  Check out the pictures for proof.  This would have been a horrible nightmare to do with chemical strippers.  The second picture is my clumsy attempt to take a self portrait while running the Speedheater.  Since I can’t hold my camera in one hand and reach the button at the same time, it’s pretty tough to do!

Old growth fir, out from its hiding place
Old growth fir, out from its hiding place
Speedheater self-portrait
Speedheater self-portrait

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