Something old, something new…

Today I started installing the hybrid of old and new trim.  Most of what are using in this room is the original trim, but the sills and a few other pieces will be new.  Each piece of casing has to be shimmed out by 1/2″ on the jamb side to account for the increased wall depth.  It is a tedious process to put these back together, but it’s worth it to us to be able to adapt the original trim to the “new” room.

Window trim
Window trim
Close-up of new sill and old casing
Close-up of new sill and old casing
New sill
New sill

2 thoughts on “Something old, something new…

  1. I just noticed something funny…the top picture shows a little level on the floor in front of the window, but it’s apparently there just for looks..I didn’t use it a single time.
    When dealing with old house trim, it’s all about the optical illusion. If it looks right, then it is! I learned that lesson early on, as I would sometimes try to force things to be perfectly level and then later find that my “perfect” work looked like crap. Now I skip the level and follow my new mantra…if the piece fits, nail it!


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