New Photos in the Playroom!

A few months back, a local photographer – Kim Campbell of Campbell Salgado Studio – came to the bungalow to photograph the insanity! Actually, it wasn’t all that insane – just a relaxing couple of hours of parents, kids and pugs soaking up the sunshine and smiling for the camera.

When Kim later shared proofs from our photo session, I found myself drawn to one image in particular – a photo of our girls, side by side, in the backyard grass. The picture’s vibrant pink, green and black tones seemed like a perfect fit for the playroom, and I knew instantly it would make a wonderful addition to our home.

Chloe and Ginger in the yard

Flash forward to Christmas break…

In keeping with my resolution to get organized (making our house a more comfortable and enjoyable place), we finally hung the new photos in the playroom — transforming the space from a cute but somewhat generic-looking room, into one that our daughters can truly call their own.

images of the girls personalize their playspace
images of the girls personalize their play space

Now if only I could find a rug to tie everything together…

Suggestions anyone?


24 thoughts on “New Photos in the Playroom!

  1. I would play off the b/w photos and the black accents on the lampshades by going with a bold black and white striped rug; something with about 12″ wide stripes, or perhaps a large black and white checkerboard pattern. But then I’m not a design professional… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    BTW, I looked through your Vignette book on the photographer’s website. Soooo cool!


  2. You know, Joe, I was actually wondering about stripes myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ My problem is I have a hard time committing. Once I actually buy something, I have to stop hunting, and I am definitely someone who enjoys the hunt (when it comes to home decor, anyway!)

    Thanks so much for the compliments on the book! Kim is great – a wonderful photographer and a very nice person too.


  3. You know, I was just looking at that post last night. Too funny!

    I’m torn between getting a round rug (which would be like one giant polka dot on the floor) or sticking with a 5 x 8 rectangle.

    I’m really, really drawn to this one, but wonder if it will be too many dots:—Pink-Rectangular-Rug-3080.asp

    Now why on earth would you want to move into our playroom when your place looks so fantastically AMAZING? ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Oh, yes, I love the pink/green/black pic! It’s just perfect for the room. The family pic is so simple yet so sweet. Very nice!


  5. Yeah – it was really expensive. There’s a story behind it though.

    When Ginger was about three weeks old – before she’d been diagnosed with reflux – I was at my wits’ end. She would not sleep and nothing would calm her – it seemed like she was either eating or SCREAMING – every hour of the day!

    There’s a cute little kids’ shop a few blocks from our house called Polliwog. I walked over there with both girls one day in search of a baby sling. I’d read that colicky babies could be soothed by baby-wearing, and I was desperate.

    While I was trying on baby slings, Chloe noticed the skirt (in a variety of sizes and colors) and, of course, asked if she could have one. I, of course, told her “not today.” She then asked if she could have it for her birthday. Being totally sleep-deprived and just wanting to get a sling and get out of the damn store, I said “Sure. If you still want it when your birthday rolls around, you can have one as your birthday present.”

    Keep in mind, it was August and her birthday wasn’t until January. Also – and this is a key part of the story – I had no idea how much it cost! I mean, I figured it wasn’t cheap (especially given the store we were in), but I figured it couldn’t be THAT expensive – maybe $30 or $40 at the most. And besides – what were the chances she’d even remember it when January rolled around. Ha! Hahahahahaha.

    Yes, I can be stupid.

    For months, whenever we were out for a walk, Chloe would ask if we could walk by Polliwog to see if the skirt was still in the window. We’d walk by, she’d see the skirt and reiterate her extreme desire to have one for her birthday. In all of these walks past the store, did it ever occur to me to check the price tag? No. It did not.

    So January rolls around, it’s the morning of her 5th birthday party, and with all of the craziness of the holidays, the still somewhat new-ish baby, planning the party, etc., I still have yet to make a trip to Polliwog to pick up the skirt. So, an hour before the guests start arriving, I slip out of the house, race over to Polliwog, and practically pass out when I see that it costs $80! Eighty dollars! I don’t know if I’ve ever spent $80 on a skirt for myself, let alone a five year old. But what can I do? She’s been begging for the damn thing for FIVE MONTHS. And I have led her to believe this is a realistic request! Party guests are showing up any minute – even if I thought I could crush her dreams by not buying the skirt – I don’t have time to go anywhere else, and it’s not like I can afford most of the other stuff the store carries either!

    So, I ended up buying the skirt. But since the waist is a combination of elastic and drawstring, I bought it extra humongously HUGE. Chloe was between a size 4 and size 5 at the time. I ended up buying size 8. I figured if I was spending that much money on the damn thing, she needed to be able to wear it for YEARS. (I also got a GREAT jumper for her – also extra big – off the sale rack for $10. She still wears it. And loves it. So, as messed up as this thinking is, I thought a dress AND a skirt for $90 was much more justifiable than $80 for the skirt alone.)

    Chloe has worn the black and pink skirt to almost every birthday party she’s been invited to since she turned five,plus multiple other “special occasions” although she is not allowed to wear it to school (aside from the annual Christmas party or fundraising auction, because it’s been deemed “too distracting.”)

    So… she has gotten a fair amount of wear out of it, and it’s still mighty big on her. It’s also still in marvelous shape, despite multiple washings. I suspect she’ll get at least two more years out of it – maybe more… the waist IS adjustable – and I have no doubt Ginger will wear it when Chloe outgrows it. Plus it just makes Chloe so happy. And it looks great on the playroom wall. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So, despite my initial horror, it seems to be working out to be money well-spent. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Thank you, Tammi. It’s not quite finished yet, but we’re getting there. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The bookshelves aren’t anything special – they’re just the Expedit bookshelves from IKEA.

    The storage chests were a Linens-n-Things bargain. I had a coupon for 20% off any purchase, and saw them on sale for $79 each, so the sale price plus the discount was too good to pass up. They’ve since gone out of business, but I wonder if Bed Bath and Beyond might have something similar? I found them in the bathroom section at LNT.


  7. Thank you Santosh. Our thought has always been that kids tire of things so quickly (and break them so easily) that we didn’t want to spend a fortune on the playroom. I’ve really tried to keep costs down as much as possible. The irony is, they enjoy the room so much that they actually take very good care of it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. just stumbled accross your blog today looking for some inspiration on decorating my 4 year old daughters bedroom. great blog….i’m already addicted!! i especially love the playroom, that is where I have spent the majority of my time looking so far, but can’t wait to keep peeking at the rest of it!!


  9. Thank you Rebecca! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. The playroom is far from finished, but it’s coming along and the girls (and their friends) love it! Good luck with your daughter’s bedroom – we’d love to see photos when you’re finished!


  10. Hi there! I absolutely love this room! I am trying to do something with similar colors in my girls new room – would you mind sharing what color the paint is? I just love that shade and I’m so nervous about picking the wrong one! Thanks!


  11. Hi Carrie – what a great blog you have! Your girls are adorable.

    The color is called Pekoe Tea 7673M. It was a Miller Paint color when we painted the room a couple of years ago – they have since changed their color palette, and this color is no longer in their fan deck.

    The color is a Millenium color which means other paint companies besides Miller use the same color/same name/same number. Duron is one company that uses this palette – there are others – follow this link:

    One thing I will say is that the way color looks is highly dependent on lighting conditions and this color looks bright and fun in our playroom, but a sample of the same color looks drab and depressing in other rooms in our house. So, be sure to look at a sample in the room you’re going to be using the paint in to make sure you like it under your lighting conditions. This color can look really yellow-olive in a room without lots of bright light.

    For this room, I chose the curtain fabric first (or rather, my daughter did) and then I matched the paint color to the green in the polka dots. It’s much easier to match a paint color to fabric than it is to find fabric that matches a paint color. ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. I absolutely love your playroom & even though our little boy is only 6 months old the books and toys are taking over!
    We live in a large open plan apartment in Switzerland so I was really pleased to be able to source a couple of your items from Ikea. Their new kids furniture range has a cool storage bench as we don’t have have great (affordable) furniture stores here, everything is very designer and hence expensive.
    I don’t have a website but would be happy to share our take your playroom by email when we’re done.

    Thanks again for the inspiration!


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