Update on the Playroom Rug – Thanks for your Votes!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for taking time to to share your thoughts and opinions on our playroom rug situation.

If you’ve been following the commentary accompanying my original post, you know that lots of people have had lots of opinions on this topic. However, three clear favorites have emerged: the white and black damask, the pink and green circles, and the black with large pink and white dots.

Many of you brought up good arguments for and against certain choices. For example, a popular concern seemed to be that lint and dog hair would be a nightmare to keep off a mostly black rug. Duly noted. (Although truthfully, I am not all that concerned about pet hair since the pugs aren’t allowed in the playroom. They have a hard time differentiating between dog toys and kid toys, so we’ve found it’s best to just keep them – and their pointy little teeth – away from the playroom completely.)

I am definitely not a vacuuming freak – in fact I seriously hate vacuuming – so I know that lint might be an issue with a black rug. That said, the pink and green circle rug so many of you are fond of is primarily white, and to tell you the truth, I’m a little more scared of Playdoh, magic marker and dirt than I am of lint – enough so that I have pretty much now ruled out that rug.  (I know, I know – I’m sorry!)

That leaves the white and black damask rug:

White and Black Damask

and the black rug with the pink and white dots:

Pink and White Dots

So, here’s the funny thing.  Right before the holidays I’d pretty much decided on the black rug with the pink and white dots. But then a friend suggested that the combination of the dots on the valances, accent pillows AND the rug might be too many dots to squeeze into one space. I really did not want to hear that, having spent over a year trying to decide whether or not to buy that rug, and FINALLY HAVING MADE  A DECISION!

Well, me being me, I completely panicked and started the rug search all over again. I looked at dozens and dozens of rugs. I narrowed it down to a few favorites, then added several more I could live with, and opened it up to a vote.  Strangely, or maybe not strangely at all, before the voting began, my two favorites were the the above mentioned black with pink and white dots and – you guessed it – the white and black damask (I never would have thought I would want damask for that room, but it’s really a great rug.  I especially love the wide black border – it provides such a nice bit of punch.)

So now, I am once again torn.  I thought I might leave the decision up to Chloe but her (completely unaffordable) solution is to buy both rugs AND the circle rug and “have them all!” Yeah. Not going to happen.

The dot rug will show more lint. The damask rug will show more dirt. I worry about the white areas of the damask rug getting really dirty or stained, but truthfully, the white and pink areas on the dotted rug are just as vulnerable to dirt and stains.

I’m so conflicted about this. Could you tell? Maybe the fact that I’m having such a hard time deciding means that I need to keep looking???



23 thoughts on “Update on the Playroom Rug – Thanks for your Votes!

  1. Hi Trynity,

    It’s called damask. If you do a google search for “damask rug” you’ll find them in all sorts of colors. 🙂


    I love it too and could just kick myself for not ordering it sooner – I found it on overstock.com and now they don’t carry it anymore. I keep googling “white and black damask rug” and “black and white damask rug” but I’m not finding it anywhere else. I’ve found lots of other damask rugs, but none with the bold black border.


  2. I dont know if you are still even answering questions on your blog – yet, I LOVE the rug you have chosen and am thinking about it for our baby’s room – although I would like to know what yo think of it first – as far as the coarseness goes – is it comfy for kids to lay and play on it?


  3. Hi Aleda – I never did buy a rug for the playroom! I just couldn’t decide. I’m still looking for the perfect one.

    The damask rug is olefin, so it’s not a natural fiber, which is something I was conficted about. I also read online that although the rug is supposedly soft, the actual pattern isn’t as crisp and boldly black and white as it looks in the photo – it’s actually black white and gray. We already have green, light pink, dark pink and white – I didn’t want to introduce gray too.

    The pink and white dot rug is 100 percent cotton. I ordered the 30 inch square version to see how I liked it. It’s not as soft as you would think and the lint is unbelievable! You could vaccuum it several times a day and it would still be linty.

    Hope this helps!


  4. Hello! I am in love with this room you created and am going to do something similar for my daughter! Love the green and the colored accents. I know you did this post awhile ago, but where did you get that furniture? Im looking to do something very similar and love the look! Where did you get it?? Thanks so much for any/all help!! :):)


  5. Hi Melissa,

    We tried to do this room on a budget, figuring we didn’t want to spend a fortune on furniture that would get scribbled all over!

    The bookshelf is just the Expedit bookshelf from IKEA. I found the two storage trunks on sale at Linens-n-Things before they went out of business. The table and chair set we found on eBay. My mother-in-law gave the kitchen set to my daughter as Christmas gift a few years ago. The rug (which I haven’t posted photos of yet) we found on Overstock.com. The lamps are from IKEA, but embellished with ribbon and beads I found at the fabric store. I made the curtains and pillows. The fabric is called Spirodot. The cables for hanging artwork are another IKEA find. The letters spelling out the girls names were another eBay find. I think the baskets were from Target. Our budget was $1500, which I was able to stick with by searching for bargains. 🙂 Hope this helps!


  6. Hello…I love this design of your playroom…I am wondering what is the name of the green color you used for the walls…I want to change our playroom a little..and i think painting it a different color will be great and I love this shade of green!


    1. We purchased this paint from Miller paint over three years ago, just before they changed their palette. They no longer carry this color. However, you may still be able to find a paint store that does. It is a Millenium color and many different brands of paint use the Millenium palette (or have the recipes for the Millenium palette.) I don’t know what part of the country you live in, but Duron is one company that uses (or has used) the Millenium colors in their fan deck. The color is called Pekoe Tea 7673M.


      A word of warning – this is one of those colors that looks different under different lighting conditions. We have quite a bit of natural light in the playroom (windows on both sides of the room) and a really layered lighting plan (recessed ceiling cans, wall sconces and tabletop lighting) which makes this color look bright and cheerful. It can look very drab, dull and yellow/olive under less “friendly” lighting conditions.

      I chose the fabric for the room first, then looked at paint color samples next to the fabric in the playroom itself before choosing a wall color to ensure a good match. I think that’s always a good way to go – choose a fabric or rug you love first, then match the paint color to it. It’s much easier than trying to match items to a wall color. And be sure to look at your paint swatches in the room in which you’ll be using the color. When I saw this color in the paint store, I worried I’d written down the wrong color! It looked so dull and drab under the fluorescent lights in the paint store. But it doesn’t look drab at all in our playroom – it’s all about the lighting.

      Good luck!


      1. Hmmmm. We don’t have a TV in the playrooom. Do you mean the bookshelf under the large framed photo of the girls? If so, it was bargain basement purchase – it’s one of the Expedit bookshelves from IKEA.


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