A Touch of Paris in Portland – Bedroom Progress

A few weeks ago, I promised to post some photos of recent additions to Chloe’s bedroom. I’ve always felt badly that Ginger’s arrival prevented us from finishing Chloe’s room, so one of my resolutions for the new year is to remedy that situation.
view from outside chloe's room
view from outside chloe's room

Chloe turned six earlier this month, and while it may be sort of an odd fixation for a six year old to have, she is nonetheless obsessed with Paris. Santa must have heard about her francophile tendencies, because he left some brand new Parisian-themed bedding under the tree on Christmas morning.

Nicole Miller’s Fifi bedding features dozens of Vespa riding French poodles tooling through the streets of Paris while taking in familiar sights including sidewalk bistros, Hector Guimard’s famous Art Nouveau Abbesses Metro station, and – of course – the Eiffel Tower.

In keeping with the Parisian theme, we framed several posters including one of the above-mentioned Metro station and one of the Eiffel Tower. (Chloe is especially excited about the Eiffel Tower poster because it’s a photo of the tower in the snow, and Chloe loves snow almost as much as she loves the tower itself.)

Her room is far from finished – it’s still lacking sconces and closet doors, and we have a few more items we may want to hang on the walls. That said, the biggest obstacle to finishing her room is my inability to carve out time for sewing.

The Roman shades currently hanging in Chloe’s room are fairly trashed (luckily I bought them on sale!) I had been planning to repair them, but Chloe’s new comforter isn’t white (as advertised) – it’s actually more of a cream color — which looks horrible with the old shades.

The replacement curtains I have in mind might have fit in well at the Moulin Rouge of a century ago – ruffles and stripes and pompoms – oh my! If they turn out the way I hope, I’ll be sure to post photos. In the meantime, here is a photo of Chloe’s room in it’s current incaration.Β  A bientot!

Chloe's room circa early 2009
Chloe's room circa early 2009

10 thoughts on “A Touch of Paris in Portland – Bedroom Progress

  1. Thank you, Maryam. We still have quite a way to go, but we’re slowly making progress. πŸ™‚

    (Just FYI, I have read your blog for ages, and I love it! The lace patterned floor for your daughter’s room is breathtaking!)


  2. What a fun bedroom, and a style that can stay with her for a while. Did you make the window treatments? They are fab! I love the black and white prints against the pink wall, and the under-bed storage, too! Miss Chloe must be in heaven!


  3. Thank you Dakota and Bungalowbliss.

    It’s far from finished, but so far, Chloe really likes it and I’m hoping that because it’s not too babyish, she’ll actually enjoy it for several years.

    I am in the process of making some new window treatments – the ones in the photo were ones I picked up on sale at Pottery Barn Kids a few years ago. But they are really starkly white and the bedding is more of an ivory tone, so the color mismatch is making me a bit crazy. I’ll post a photo of the new ones as soon as I have a chance to finish them (although with a one year old in the house, who knows when that will be?) πŸ™‚


  4. Hi! So when are you going to let us feature your designs! Love Chloe’s room and playroom (sorry, I didn’t get a chance to vote). We would like to feature you! See our questions on our submit page and let us know! Thanks!! Melisa


  5. Hi Melissa,

    Thank you. πŸ™‚ We’re far from done – I still have to make curtains for Chloe’s room and am still struggling to choose a playroom rug, but when the space is finished, I’ll be in touch. I love Project Nursery! πŸ™‚


  6. Hi Martha! One word: Google. πŸ™‚

    I did searches for “Paris bedding” and “Eiffel Tower poodle bedding” just to see what was out there. Found a few different options too, but this one popped up on overstock.com. They only had full-size bedding, so once I knew it was Nicole Miller’s Fifi bedding, I did a search for that and found it in other sizes on several different sites. It’s been discontinued, so it was really inexpensive. And the colors worked really well with what we already had upstairs, so I couldn’t resist.


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