Thanks Bangor Bungalow!

It’s no secret that I ADORE Bradbury and Bradbury wallpaper.  I often cycle through the gorgeous photography on their web site thinking ”How big of a deal is it, really, if our kids don’t go to college?”  

Little did I know that dreams of a college education for our children – and Bradbury and Bradbury wallpaper hanging in our bungalow – might not be mutually exclusive.  Turns out, Bradbury and Bradbury actually sells seconds! I had NO idea.

Tremendous thanks to the folks at Bangor Bungalow for outlining the process and making my day!


4 thoughts on “Thanks Bangor Bungalow!

  1. Hi Dawn –

    Apparently you just need to call or email them and they will send you a spreadsheet listing styles, colors and prices on seconds. Supposedly, they have a once a year sale at the factory too, which, because I am a total house geek, I have always thought sounded like a fun road trip!


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